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Welcome to Laneflare, the esports platform to jumpstart your gaming career. Laneflare revolutionizes the team finding process, the way you train and connects you with sponsors and investors to bring your dream of a professional gaming career to reality.

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1. Find a team

The first step to success is finding a team or position yourself as an outstanding single player.

2. Track your performance

Tracking your improvements will give you the data to succeed in esports.

3. Improve your skills

Data will deliver the base to improve, coaching and analysis will help you to become a pro player.

4. Get financial support

Sponsors and investors will build the financial background to give you the chance to focus on your carreer.

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Why you should invest in esports and why Laneflare is the place to do it!

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$ 909 m

esports economy size in 2018

Esports Audience

380 m


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Laneflare helps you to identify the uprising star gamers and the title winning teams by making progress trackable, success more predictable and investment processes efficient and transparent.