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Perisic hopes to use his Beer League experience to break Frankfurt.

Ivan Perisic is at left-back at Tottenham Hotspur one of the few players in the squad. Who has previous experience playing the Bundesliga. Hoping to give his football team some good advice on the away trip Frankfurt (Oct 4). The CHPL program because the local cheerleaders

Conte explains why he didn’t use Spence.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has revealed. The reason for not choosing Jed Spence the team’s new signing, who has rarely played football. Spurs have drawn right-back Spence from the attacker. Middlesbrough With a fee of around 12.5 million pounds, with a five-year contract. But until now,

Costas Simikas accepts Robertson to hit Rangers instead.

Liverpool left-back Costas Simikas is set to accept a job from teammate Andrew Robertson. Who faces an injury problem. With a breakthrough performance defeating Rangers FC (Oct 4). The club is known as the antagonist in the heart of the captain of the Scotland national team.

Chelsea have Marc Gugureya back in training.

Chelsea left-back Marc Gugureya returned to training on Monday. After being sick over the weekend and missing out on the field to help the football team Gugureya who recently moved from Brighton to join Chelsea this season. Has missed out on the Premier League game. The team’s

Martin Subimendi not worried about Barca news

Real Sociedad midfielder Martin Subimendi has revealed. He hopes to extend his contract with the Basque side without concerns about links with Barcelona. Real Sociedad midfielder Martin Subimendi the 23 year old has revealed. He is not worried about being linked with Barcelona looking for

Simeone admits the away game to Club Brugge was not easy.

Atletico Madrid captain Diego Simeone and Jorge Resurrexion Koke hold a press conference ahead of their Champions League clash with Club Brugge on Tuesday. Diego Simeone the Atletico Madrid coach has revealed. Before the Champions League clash with Club Brugge on Tuesday. Which the Argentine boss