Guru told Haaland is jigsaw the last piece of Manchester City to rule the world.

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Sky Sports analyst Jamie Carragher has hailed Manchester City forward Erling Braut Haaland as the Premier League‘s best signing of all time. With his outstanding form since joining from Manchester City. Dortmund, then it may be time for the Blues to unlock the Champions League.

Haaland scored three goals , provided two assists in a 6-3 thrashing of Manchester United. Creating a variety of records, one of them being the first to score a hat-trick in 3 consecutive league games as a home team .  

Adding to the team composition.  Manchester City believe more records will have to be beaten. Until ‘ Carra ‘ dares to say the 22 -year -old spear is the best transfer to the top-flight city of any player before UFABET

The former England defender told ‘ Monday Night Football ‘

“ It makes sense that anything is possible when Man City have Haaland – like the last game was a derby match. Hat-tricks are rare in games like this. ”

“ It feels like it will be the best signing of the English Premier League than anyone has ever had before. Not just with the Manchester City club. ”  

“ Usually in our leagues we will cultivate players who have grown to be world class or in many cases ignore this league. But with the present, one has received a world-class grade. ”

“ There has been some debate that Mbappe-Haaland will be a modern football contender in place of the Messi – Ronaldo duo, but he is now the best in the top three . ” 

“ We are seeing an unprecedented scoring phenomenon in the English Premier League – it is the most important thing in my opinion. It also influenced every defender of the league to be terrified. ” 

“ From North to South the whole country will talk about him in training. How to deal with him. There is no doubt about that. ” 

“ Worrying in my head before I have to face it every weekend. ” 

The Norwegian made history with 14 goals in the English Premier League in the shortest time of 8 matches.